Saturday, September 20, 2014

As promised, this one is jam-packed!!!

Free Eternal Summer Episode 5 

So, as you know, on this show I am pretty much meh. Thôugh I am sure there are a host of character obsessed fan girls that would disagree with me, and that's okay. It takes all kinds. I still believe there is too much character focus and not enough plot. The Iwatobi swim team is basically used for comic banter and happy talk. You hardly ever even seem them in the pool. I really really want to quit this show. I mean look at this, they only talked about coming from swimming. We didn't actually see them swim. They will waste a whole episode worrying about Nagisa and cutting back and forth to Rin, Sousuke, and Momo actually at the pool. The end. Time wasted....

Who cares if he has to leave swim club? He never swims anyway. None of them do. This isn't a sports anime anymore. It makes me sad when I think about how much I was looking forward to it....looking forward to something a re-match between swim clubs, or they fight to go to nationals. Free has the opposite problem as Kuroko no Basket, which I happen to like more. Kuroko no Basket has very little character development, but has enough sports rivalries and such to keep me engaged. It's hard for me to distinguish characters by personality. Rather, I usually do it by hair color and look of the character. But at least sports are involved. Though I am glad Rei actually helped out in this episode. Especially, since they usually treat him like garbage. Oh Rei, only Nagisa and I appreciate you!! 

Oh my goodness, they actually remembered a Nationals?!! Does this mean they will actually swim sometime soon?? I doubt it.....

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 6 

More suffering Ciel, how could I not be pleased?! Ohh! A William and Sebby fight! Be still my heart! Are you trying to make up for the fact that I had to watch Free!? So, you are throwing something wonderful at me? I really do appreciate that. Aww, poor Ciel has a fever and they are using it as an excuse to give us flashbacks. Do people really have flashbacks in their sleep when they are sick? Perhaps we do? Maybe it is a more natural thing than I give it credit for. Sometimes it's hard to be alone because any and all of the embarrassing things we've ever done come flooding back to our memories. 

I love you most when you are like this, Sebastian. I love how far you are willing to go and what you are willing to do. Dirty and yet unsoiled, like a true anti-hero. You are almost on par with Johji Koizumi. almost. I think the only big appeal of Johji over Sebastian is how far Johji goes with no supernatural abilities yet he can make you believe he has them if he wanted to. His only power is his charm. Sebastian is like loving Superman -- an entity that is already above us, while loving Johji is like Batman -- a regular person with only his wealth to recommend him but manages what seems like magic. I just happen to favor Batman over Superman, but in the end, they are both good. I am sorry Ciel is back in the mansion. I wanted to see him suffer more. 

Oh well, at least I can look forward to the aftermath that's coming in the next episode! 

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Episode 2 

Mikoshiba, I both love and hate you. He is strangely adorable like Nozaki said but I think I would lose against his personality and just get angry. It's cute when you aren't subjected to it and just watch it from afar. He ahould really think before he talks. I really like Seo. I think that's the kind of high school girl I would be....ummm....or not......Nozaki totally fell into her pace without warning. Oh wow! I wish I could sing like that! Go for it, Seo! Okay, I think I am unfortunately a lot like Seo. 

I am liking this show a lot!!

Baby Step Episode 21 

Good luck, Maruo! I hope you don't lose in the first round.....but well, it's pretty likely that you will. Nabae is a lot like Maruo, so he will be tough to beat. I will not be faked out by the first point either show. He has a good chance of losing. I wonder why Takuma wouldn't play a practice game against him? I think he is finally seeing Maruo as a rival and doesn't want him to learn from anymore of his moves. However, it's just small conjecture at this point. 

I am glad Maruo thought of the fact that Nabae is studying him. I was worried he wouldn't pick up on that for some reason. It will be cool to see how the match unfolds. 

Free Eternal Summer Episode 6 

Oh how cute! They are pretending this episode is going to have something to do with swimming when clearly it's just going to be more character development. I don't know how people stand this show....I don't even want to write about this show anymore. maybe I should pick up when I am in a better mood and instead watch something more is nice knowing that Rei has a hairless chest. Ai-chan is annoying. Though I did think the brothers with Gou was cute. Haven't seen Sousuke in a while, not that I am complaining because I am clearly not. Oh my gosh, they are actually swimming! I am indeed shocked. After 5 episodes of absolutely nothing leading absolutely nowhere. Finally, we seem them swimming. 

Ok, Rei hate...we didn't get to see his race!!! You bastards!! Though I am happy he won. You guys are still jerks to Rei. He gets seconds so they can expAnd the Makoto and Haru race!! I wanted to see Rei's race!!! They could have at least given me that!! 

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 5 

Love Love Love Jupiter....and Usagi is so much cuter in Japanese than she ever was in English. I should have known. Language really does alter personality. The characters I enjoyed as a child seem so different to me in Japanese, but the change is for the better. I doubt they would or could alter the characters personalities in any great way. Therefore it has to be the difference in dubs and subs. Those subtle nuances that cannot be replicated. That's why subs are superior to dubs. The dub is a completely different story in some strange ways. Toru Honda, one of my all time favorite characters is extremely different in the dub. She's annoying. I didn't get through five minutes. I would have missed an amazing anime if I didn't see the sub first. That's why I like subs. Dubs have their usefulness and purpose, just know that you are always missing something. 

I am glad Jupiter is tearing down Nephlyte and all but please please do not skip the Nephlyte Naru love story....please please don't skip it. It was so beautiful!! That's all I ask!! 

Dramatical Murder Episode 8 

Awesome! Amazing! Loved it! Loved watching Aoba go inside Noiz and fix him. 

Love Stage Playing Catch Up!!

After a long absence, I am back! Sorry for the wait. Since I took such a long time, I will make this one power packed. As big as I can make it! Whew-hoo! Let's go! Let's begin with Love Stage....

Love Stage 8 

I love the hype of Izumi's press conference. Izumi, you are both cool and cute and I love you! Why are they going for the noir vibe with the fancy sentences on black to express lines. It reminds me of the phoned in last episode of Kare Kano. I loved Kare Kano, but that last episode frustrated the hell out me. However, the idea here is clever. It's a mix of a press conference that keeps sneaking back a review of what has happened before while continuously trying to move the plot forward. I was almost mad, but the way they did this managed to pacify me in a strange way. It could quite easily be done badly. I want to be spoiled like Izumi!! Maybe, we all do.....somewhere deep down...Shougo spoiled him rotten. Somehow that just made me love him more. Hahaha Rei mo! Rei mo! You are so guilty! I want a Rei! Where can I find a Rei? Can such a perfect man exist?  

Actually a Rei mixed with a Tezuka Kunimitsu with a little Kyou from Fruits Basket would be a beyond perfect human.....whhhhhh.....beyond perfect human........want want want want......when are we actually gonna see the press conference!! I can't wait!! Aww, Rei and Shougo. That story kind of reminds me of Kodomo no Omocha. Sana-chan's manager was once a homeless guy and wore glasses and was also named Rei. I like Love Stage's Rei better. I love it when Ryoma calls Shougo Oniisan. He's totally invited himself into the family. Ryouma's kiss of calm STRIKE!! Kawaiiiiiiii!!!!

BEST REVEAL EVER!!! I still want to be spoiled like Izumi.....

Love Stage 9 

He's crazy. I really want to be spoiled like Izumi.....real life sucks.....buying all the merchandise of the guy I like. I started trying to buy Super Junior stuff recently...then I came across an article where Leeteuk, Shindong, and Yesung were criticizing big girls back in 2010 and I questioned my support. Finally I just decided to support the members I like and not worry about it. After all, they are real people and real people can be insensitive, inconsiderate jerks. I was especially surprised that Shindong was so critical knowing what it's like to constantly be criticized and judged for his weight, but whatever. It's the old Fred Flintstone effect. Guys can be horrid and let themselves go to the utmost extremes and be okay but if a woman isn't perfect she is less than garbage. Anyway.....I'm done ranting....poor Ryouma is jealous!! I feel bad for him. Ryouma!! Not on the tatami!! At least put down a futon first! 
Wwww, you almost won him but your body gave out.....that sucks....I really wish I could buy that much stuff without worrying about money. 

The BL question....I have been waiting for this one and it is everything I thought it could be. Way to live up to expectations!! Love Stage, you rock!! Kuroi!! I love you, too. It was so nice of you to go after Izumi. 

Love Stage 10 

How terrible. Those guys are basically committing sekihara....I like how they find themselves attracted to him afterwards anyway. His charm is amazing! I need some of that Izumi power....but not too much...just a little. hahahaha elephant! Classic!! I could watch that 100 times!! I love this show. Finally, thanks to Kuroi-kun, whom I also love, Izumi realizes his true feelings and races toward his love. I love how he aggressively bursts into the apartment, hugs and kisses him. It's adorable. Aww, Izumi! Rei was right, it's definitely gonna hurt!! Shougo's Izumi sense goes crazy.....nice distraction Rei, sacrificing yourself to save Izumi....

Hahaha I told you it was gonna hurt Izumi....aww Ryouma cried!!! That's the cutest thing ever!! Yay, Love Stage!! Is it getting a second season? I know as a Manga reader there is more to the if. Your not reading the the manga....

Monday, August 25, 2014

Games..and Naruto....but mostly games

Hadaka Shitsuji 

True End Toudou... Okay, anyone who has ever played this game knows how fantastically sick it is. You go from a generally nice and normal guy to an extreme S. Well that is if you want to win....The endings are also rough no matter if the ending itself is good or bad. It took a long time to get to Toudou, anyone who knows me knows that Sakuma is by far my first character choice, Komine was second, but Toudou was third. Apparently, though, he is not a popular character as I never hear much talk about him. However, from what I can see, he was keenly an authors favorite as so far he got the best true ending out of the bunch. If you haven't played Toudou's route, go ahead and do it. It's totally worth it. Especially if you compare it with Komine's, which was well much messier......I don't say any of this negatively, however. This is one of my favorite games. 

Oh Sakuma-San...I wish you would appear at my door. I love submissive guys...he also has my favorite Japanese guys name Kyou. 

There is a reason nobody enthusiastically talks about Naruto: The anime anymore, and that reason is....filler...finally it's getting good, but you know some crappy filler is waiting just around the corner. I am seriously, just give the show a vacation if you need to and focus on the real and the good stuff. I truly believe that's how One Piece has managed to stay interesting after twelve years and still has merchandise on the shelves and stays in the minds and imaginations of it's people. Though I here the Naruto manga is really good. Can't put much in the way of filler in a manga though. And now, back to stupid stupid pointless filler....

Voltage Games: Princess 2 

Highly Recommended! I think the story is much much better than the first round of Princess routes they put out. The characters are much better and the stories seem to be much less frustrating. They weren't hard, just frustrating. My two favorite characters are Ivan Chernenkov and Sieg Lieben. I have played Kuon as well and he was was good, just not Ivan good. I can't even be 100% sure why I liked his character so much as he and Kuon share some characteristics. I just do. He was by far my favorite. Perhaps it is also because he is one of two characters that aren't descended from an original prince from game one, he was allowed to be more unique. I like Sieg much better than playing his grandfather, who was much more good looking than interesting. Sieg had a much better character at least in my opinion, but everyone has different types. Which is your favorite? 

Top Ten Voltage Games for Apple ( in my humble opinion) 

10. Baddest Bidder 
9. Metro PD 
8. Princess 2 
7. Moonlight 
6. Bodyguard 
5. Office Secrets 
4. First Love 
3. Love Again 
2. Forced Wedding 
1. In your Arms Tonight 

Top Voltage Characters 

Noel - Sleepless
Ivan - Princess 2 
Ishigami - Bodyguard 
Class Trip - Homare (only in season one) 
Tonight - Kippei, Genji, Ritsu, Soji, Ginnosuke 
Wedding - Yuta 
Dreamy Days - Ryuzo, Takeshi 
Baddest Bidder - Soryu 
Devil - Shiki 

Some voltage games from list one do not have characters in list two since I am holding out for what I hope are the best ones: love again- momoi and kikuchi, first love - Sota Yamamoto and Mitsuru Sanada ( sadistic megane-kun). The concepts for these two games were good enough to get me excited so despite being new they ranked high on the list, though we shall see if they are really good. List may be revised many times in the future. It's not anime, but it's close. Soon I will be back to reviewing anime again. I haven't forgotten. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Moto Moto Kudasai

Love Stage Episode 7 

You are cruel, Izumi. He loves you, you appear before him and stay in house but aren't really returning his feelings. Ichijou is a better man than most real men, because he is animated. He won't take advantage of you. No matter how much he wants to. Ryouma Ichijou, best boyfriend award should go to know once you become Izumi's boyfriend. Izumi, you are really worrying Rei. Just call home before he has a caniption. I can't get too mad at you, though. I do the same thing when I get upset about something....steep myself in anime and or sleep a lot until I feel better or figure something  out. 

Yes, you treated him badly. He cooked for you, did your laundry, supported you in your time of need, and didn't take advantage of you, when he clearly could. He is a saint of a man ( and clearly only exists in the world of fantasy) Now, make sure you make it up to him. Look at how much you worried, Rei-kun! You should have called home last night like Ryouma told you, too. Okay, seriously Ryouma, best boyfriend award!! If only people like you could exist in the real world. Oh, Izumi, it must feel nice to be so loved. I mean your brother, your soon to be boyfriend, Rei...I'm sure your parents care a lot too. It must be nice...treasure your relationships! Satou San, your my hero!! Picking up Rei and holding him princess style. Ouch! Your like my big brother! It was so sweet until that line, but of course, the comeback goes to Ryouma! Izumi's heart is going tokidoki! Keep up the good work. 

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 4 

I really wonder how Usagi and Ami got into the same school since their are usually entrance exams. The only theory I came up with is that they are junior high school girls and maybe they go to public school. Usually, high school girls don't wear sailor uniforms anyway. They usually go for the "western style" uniforms in high school, which I guess would also explain, why at least in my mind, they never seemed to graduate from junior high school. Though I am not sure if they did or not later in the series. When I watched before it was hard to get your hands on the more recent episodes, and on TV they rarely got passed that obnoxious kid Rini. Not looking forward to her, but maybe like Rei, she will improve in the Japanese language version. 

I love Usagi's dad and his giant 80s glasses! I am surprised they are showing this episode so fast. I guess they are speeding through somewhat, not that I don't understand why. The original series had the luxury of taking it's time, but now they are roping in a new audience and trying to be loyal to the new audience as well, and sailor moon is a really long series as well. Nephlyte! Ahhhhh!! I love you! Please just don't skip Naru/ Nephlyte....that's all I ask....!! A new tiara! Is it the kind with the soundtrack that sounds like it came from a video game, because that was one of my favorite parts. Nah, they probably won't replicate that. Aww, and that strange love story between Mamoru and Usagi begins....ehhh! They are gonna bring in Jupiter already! Wait, why am I surprised. They want to establish the five main scouts. Again, this isn't the original and so they won't take as much time as they did. This will be like the Sparksnotes version of the show. Still, I like Jupiter. She's like my second favorite. I'm not mad at you, keep up the good work. 

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Episode 5 ( Spoilers if you haven't seen the full series...the ones before Book of Circus) 

Don't be so hasty Bo-chama, you are gonna mess up if you do. See, and now you messed up. I guess you better hope Sebby gets there in time to save you. Okay..Did not see that one coming! Not at all!! Ciel, your a good liar. I still wish your soul had gotten eaten. That was so unfair. Therefore, I want to see you suffer more. I wish you would have eaten him, Sebby. Team Sebastian all the way! That kid was saved by misplaced sentimentality and never got his comeupins. Nevertheless, it's still a good show. It's an unsatisfying ending but, it's not a bad ending, nor a bad show. 

Free Eternal Summer Episode 4 

I am a bit behind on this series for whatever reason. I don't really know why myself. I guess I have mentally prepared myself for more megane-hate. They treat Rei so badly, when they bother to mention him at all. Poor Rei. I do like Momo, though they basically forced him to join up. Stop being mean to Rei!! I love you, Rei! You deserve better friends. You deserve people that appreciate you...stop picking on Rei's beautiful bento! I love Momotarou. Almost as much as Rei. He's my second favorite. He brings a good energy. I liked his older brother, too though. Wow, people must really like Rin. They never try to embarrass him. He never gets treated like Rei. I know I am supposed to be in love with this show, but it really only focuses favorably on Rin and his friend, Sousuke. The Iwatobi group is mostly used for laughs and put in the background and my favorite character is treated like absolute crap. As it goes from season 1 to 2, I definitely don't like the show as much. Even when Iwatobi is being serious all they do is talk about Rin and Sousuke. Tsumannai....sorry but I don't like Rin. So focusing on him is boring for me. He's not interesting. He hasn't done anything except be a rival for Haruka. Now, even Haruka is pushed in the background for Rin. It makes me dislike Rin even more. What is so good about him. I am bored. Maybe that's why I put off watching this show....I don't get the feelings I know I small " supposed" to, but I want to be there to support Rei. Though I am probably encouraging their casual abuse by watching it. Nationals....I doubt it. I haven't seen them do anything that would make anyone believe that..... This is the's too character focused and not sports focused enough. 

You're right Rin, because you step on your friends that's why you can be where you are. You jackass. Augh! I really really don't care about Rin!! Ace of Diamond, Prince of Tennis, Yowamushi Pedal, even Baby Steps, are more sports focused. They focus more on the sport and their relationships in it. They made free a bit too character focused and not enough on developing the relationship through the sport. That is what makes season 1 better than season 2. Hopefully, it will get better as the series goes on, but meh..I pretty much wish I wasn't watching it. It's the freakin Rin show!boo! Boooooooooooooooo! 

Dramatical Murder Episode 7 

Yes! A good anime. Finally, we get to see the inside of Platinum Jail. Still, Aoba, you totally fell Into a trap. How cool, to have a tattoo that devours people, but that kind of ability takes too long and has no real purpose. What good does it do you if the person goes berserk and kills you. That's like craziness. There is no real power or reason behind it and can only end in your own destruction. What is the point of having and usuing such an ability? Especially, when it takes so long to implement? Better off with mind control or some other ability. 

Lost space....accidentally hit undo...... Can't remember exactly what I wrote.....freakin good show though. 

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun episode 1 

Ha. I told him I loved him and he gave me an autographed picture of himself...that isn't exactly accurate but that's what it reminded me of. That and that old Chpmunks Christmas cartoon when Dave gave an autographed picture of himself to the chipmunks as a present....if I ever have kids ( which is not bloody likely) I would totally do that to them! Merry Christmas, All the best, Shoot for the Stars, --- Mom. And me posing and trying to look inspirational...I want them to think twice before inviting friends over....anywho....this girl is cute, but not too bright. She fills in beta for four hours and only then realizes he is a manga-ka, then finally looks at the name on the autograph. These two people deserve each other. Only in this man's man does " I wanna be with you always" translate into " I want to work for you" by the way, the opening song is pretty funky. I am diggin it. Man, is she slow!! But, somehow that makes her cuter. cute girls can get away with stuff like that. People like me would die if we were like that, so I admire those who can get away with it. " let's wash our hands throughly" I cannot tell you why that was funny or how hard it hit me but man,...I can't stop laughing at that....I hate seeing students live in better apartments than me, but well he has a job so I guess I can let it slide. 

Dasei! Hahaha I like the two person bike...shouldn't they be singing, Daisy Daisy? I heard it once in Japanese from revenge of the nerds....Sakura also thought it was Dasei...luckily, it turned out okay. Hahaha! I can't believe she's on it again! Hahaha he still hasn't figured out that she likes him....seriously, wow! Haha I love how Nozaki- kun can insult himself that way. This really makes me glad that I am old and that fuan fuan tokidoki suru time of life is over. I think it's better to just watch other people and characters go through it. Luckily, I am too old to fall in love for real anymore. What's with all the cats?! Hahahaha. He gave her another autograph...seriously. Just give up on him.  On the other hand, please don''s funny to watch. 

Good first episode. Looking forward to more...looking forward to Mikoshiba-kun.,,,, who seems to be nothing like he was described....

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another one bites the dust....

HOkay, one line in and I am calling it a draw....oh sorry this is Sword Art online 2 Episode 4....

He's going there for no other reason than there is a 1% chance that someone might be killing other people in a video game he knows nothing about and they have no hostages! not his girlfriend! not his sister, not his cute little computer-generated daughter. Look I agree, the writer is terrific. I loved the characters and the shows, but I will wait for the reviews to see if it's any good. I cannot seem to suspend my suspension of disbelief on this one....can't they just bring back yowamushi pedal already!! 

Ace of Diamond Episode 44 

It never fails to excite me! I love it! I sincerely hope Seido makes it to nationals. I would love to see Sawamura pitch at Koshien. That was enough to relax me from my longing for more of the Korean drama, Jang Bori is here and Yowamushi least for a little while. 

Baby Steps Episode 19're playing against a pro. Why do you expect to be any good when you only started playing a year ago. Don't let it crush your confidence. I mean he is genuinely depressed when his strategies don't work out. However, that's probably why he keeps improving. I do like NHKs strategy of making seemingly ordinary personality traits an asset to making successful people. This show us better than it first appeared to be. Also, they always stress the slow and steady strategy. They show the hard work involve and not just a montage, which is why their series are usually so long. They show gradual improvement and hard work. I guess that is expected for the company entrusted with educating Japan through public television. Still, it's expensive and I hate paying for it.....brooding.....but since I did, I am watching it hard! Watching things like this make me want to work harder, too. That's why I started to really like sports anime the best. It's like epic Shounen anime, with limited human ability. They win or lose, they practice and challenge, sometimes in sports you have to lose and make mistakes in order to get better. You don't need villains, friendly rivalry is enough. The drama comes naturally from the game, without hurting anybody. I never noticed this about sports before, or I think I would have tried harder to play. 

If it's one thing I appreciate about Japan it's their tradition of diving into something and putting lots of effort into it. In America, we put our yards in many different pots looking for one that suits us best. In Japan, you find something and you focus on getting as far as you can in it. Neither strategy is wrong and I find occasions to champion both, but it would be nice, I think to have a long experience in doing something and to enjoy putting forth effort into that thing. I don't have much experience in that, since I am flaky. 

Dramatical Murder Episode 6 

Oh Mizuki, you let go of Obachan! Man, I love this show. It's creepy monocle man! I hate that he is so scraggly. A megane man should always be clean cut, even an older one. What's with this?! Where the hell did Mizuki go? Oh....poor Mizuki...never join groups named after hard drugs..and what's with that name, Dry Juice? Juice is anything but dry. I don't get it. Why did I need to see two shots of Mink drinking coffee and facing away from everyone? Let's just pretend he isn't there. Ba-chan is lying...that it all away, but I still love you. I am sure everything else is true exposition. I love you megane secretsry. That's how a true megane us supposed to be, monocle man, you should be taking notes. Clean cut, short hair, beautiful glasses, darn near, I want a superpower like that. With that I could control the world! Poor Aoba, that's a lot of weight on your shoulders. Still, that power is cool, you should be happier about it. I love that the police in this world are just like the police in real life, corrupt and dangerous, not to be trusted....I guess truth really is stranger than fiction. Another great episode. 

Love Stage Episode 6 

No matter how much I love Rei, my mind is elsewhere. I revisited The game known as Naked Butler today, and revisited my favorite chara-- Sakuma-San, yes his refined butler-esque persona. I don't know why I love uptight Japanese megane butlers....I just do! Ren sort of reminds me of Sakuma, but he's no Sakuma. He's much more honest and crass, but just as caring and dedicated. You can't help but like him. I really want a personal secretary. I think that's what it boils down to love....

You really thought Izumi was gonna be excited about debuting. You know he has his heart set on being a manga-ka. Oh , Izumi....I love this show! It's like Rei just exists to crush his dreams. Man, there is nothing scarier than facing the editor head on. They should at least let you go home and look at it after you leave. I felt the same way when I saw scenes like that in Bakuman. It just feels so confrontational. But, the entertainment business is always a hard one not only to get into, but to stay in once you are in...or so I've been told. 

Good little into Ryouma's arms....and freakin stay there. The one who loves the most is the loser. Ryouma is so serious about him too, hahaha he totally flashed Ryoma...boyfriend shirt! He's in my bed with no undies! Test of wills, Ryouma...endure. Ryouma's second confession!! Izumi, you can't just tell the person you love you will be with them to solve your problems. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's so hard to say goodbye, to bad anime eeeeee

I Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 2 

They combined last seasons two episodes into one and added a couple extra cuts. Sigh.....why am I watching this if it's all going to be the same? What a rip off. I guess it means they will add new content eventually, but how long will we have to wait, while they waste our time? I will only get to the new content if I can make the cut. 

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 3 

Yay! We got to meet Rei. So far, I don't dislike her as much as I did in the original version, but we just met her. However, they didn't really fight with each other, so I don't have much more to say about it. Actually, I was much more psyched to get a glimpse of Nephlyte. As I have mentioned, the love between Nephlyte and "Mollie" I forget her name in the Japanese version, though I used it previously, it starts with an N. I can't wait to see that. I should be a while before we meet any new Sailor scouts. So, I have a bit of a wait ahead of me. I though Jedite had a thing for Sailor Moon, not Sailor Mars? Maybe that comes later or maybe I remember it wrong. I guess we shall see. I am so pumped. I can't wait until I can start buying Sailor Mercury stuff!!! 

Shounen Hollywood Episode 5

Yep. I am too old for this. This play is lame to me and like really boring.....I think I need to leave this one behind. If you're into it. I am sorry. It just isn't for me..... I don't want to waste anymore time on it. I really really tried. 

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 3 

Okay, adding in short clips of the villiain talking and reruns does not a new series make. If they do that I am just gonna assume I am wasting my time. Seriously, how many re-runs am I supposed to take?! I am too old for this. If I wanted to watch the show again....I would watch the show again. I wouldn't have wasted my time waiting for a season 2. Especially, when, while the concept is a good one, the original anime was pretty boring through most of it. The excitement came in the psychological aftermath once you understood how the world worked...but this is season 2! We know how the world works, we know these people. This is cheap cheap cheap cheap... I am sorry psycho pass fans, but I am leaving this one behind as well. Somebody let me know when and if they ever get to a new story....and or things finally get interesting....two episodes from the original episode into one season 2 episode does not a sequel make. Still I get worried it will get interesting while I am not looking....but I am willing to take that risk. 

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 4 

I love you, Suits!!! Psycho Pass should learn how to write a sequel series from this show. Not that it is a sequel, which is fine. Instead it's the adventure alluded to in the series, that they elaborated on now. But, Kuroshitsuji has great sequels under it's belt. Real ones!! And book of circus is good. We get to see our favorite characters in a new environment, meeting new people, using different dialogue...and a bit of the same....that's what I thought psycho pass 2 would be...minus the whimsy. I love that they are making fun of ciel! Keep up the good work! I don't like cops but anime cops are good people. They didn't deserve that. Neither did the girl....whatever they did but I am sure it wasn't good. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Countless Questions

Seriously, What is up with Psycho Pass 2, Episode 1????

Are they really just revamping the same story that came out a year ago?! I hope not, I have to admit the series itself was kind of boring. The concept was good and the characters were interesting when actually given the time and space to explore them, but mostly, it was just the main chick, who I am sorry is stereotypically boring and a detective story, which I hate. I hate detective stories. Mind you I watch them sometimes, like detective Conan, but even then I watch it for the funny parts, the characters, and to see him finally become older again. I know in General, Japan has a thing for Detective stories. I say it speaks to the culturally meticulous nature of the people. However, I don't like them, so a good story and cool characters are necessary for my attention. Maybe they will start off like Kuroshitsuji, one episode is the same, and then it gets into a different story. However, I doubt it. So, what exactly is the deal? I thought it would be a sequel. 

I am feeling, I really hope I am proved wrong soon or at least pleasantly surprised. 

Shounen Hollywood episode 4 

So, Kira is a perfectionist. He tries hard and gets criticized for not trying hard enough. It seems to me that God is causing all the problems in the group because he cannot let go of who he was back when he was an idol. So, they explain his huge age difference by saying he was thirty seven and they thought he was seventeen...I call bullshit! I have seen some Japanese women and men that look younger than their age...a lot younger but that is a stretch. Especially for a slice of life anime. The rules are different than in a gag or supernatural anime. 

As I venture forward attempting to figure out the plot, I have come up with a simple formula. Slowly, but surely the boy idol stage show known as Shounen Hollywood is about to reopen it's doors with new idols to replace the originals. The originals were famous but most of them basically faded into obscurity, yet they continue to come back to the original theater to influence the lives of the new performers and reminisce. The new performers, instead of being chosen based on their own merits are chosen because of their likeness to an original member, and God, the president is there to torture them and make them feel bad about themselves so that they can "learn" something. I still think it's pretty boring. 

So we are going to get a half-assed glimpse into their personalities and then what? That's what I don't get. Really, I get frustrated because these episodes don't do what they are set out to do. They don't teach me about the characters, only their ambition. It all feels superficial and glossed over. Perhaps my problem is I am not a true enthusiast of idol culture. I like certain songs and groups, but like everything, there is a deeper philosophy and way of life that seems to be over my head. I just cannot take it as seriously as they would want me to, which is why I think maybe I shouldn't be watching it. Maybe it's not an anime for people like me. Maybe I am too old for it. I may have to give up on this one....

Love Stage Episode 5 

Oh Izumi, you really should find an art partner if you want to make a manga. Most people won't go for such crudely drawn figures in this day and age, but so long as your story is good, you have a chance. I would love to read Izumi's  anime and see if it has a good story. I just can't really imagine it no matter how hard I try. He's so dramatic. 

Oh Ryouma! I just love you. Your lack of pride, your beautiful turbo apologies, the way you brute force your way into Izumi's life...your delusional praise of his terrible drawing skills. His manga ka friends faces were priceless. I still feel bad. It's like Izumi is taking advantage of Ryouma's love, but he doesn't innocently without evil intent. I have done this before. It's hard to know and understand when someone is being super kind to you and whether or not it means something more. It's no one's fault, but you can't put your guard down Izumi...that's how you get kissed in your sleep...your lucky Ryouma is such a good boy...or such a busy boy, or it may have been much worse....

BL Rules!! Love Stage is great! It's been completely faithful to the manga thus far. If it continues this way , which would be for the best in my opinion. It will probably get 12 episodes and if we are lucky after about a year a season 2, this way it will let the manga get ahead and stay ahead of it. Perhaps an OVA. 

Dramatical Murder Episode 4 

Whatever that guy in the megane wants...give it to him. How I would love to be trapped in the back of that car with him. I love the scary sadistic type meganes like him. The fact that he is the only character that dresses and looks normally makes him stand out even more. He is the Alec character in his family of hippies ( family ties) . Yes, that guy is wearing a monocle. It makes him look like a side villain especially with that Victorian style top. I wouldn't trust him to make me a sandwich. Oh, there are are people who dress normally in this anime? I thought everyone would look all futuristic. Maybe it's a young person thing. That makes sense. I love you, Clear and your jellyfish song. Please, sing more. What do you have to do to get a Clear, because I really want one. 

Yay, the twins!! ( That aren't twins...) I cannot think of them without thinking of that rather bad end they put you through. They seem so sweet, but they are not sweet. They are terrible. Terrible and wonderful...this game is kind of lame for the world that they live in, but that's exactly what Aoba just said. Four episodes in and the anime us still good. This may be one of the best of the best so far as anime/ video game adaptations go. It doesn't feel as rushed as others but we shall see. They still don't explain a lot for newbies, but I get that some of it is for later reveals, but they could have text scrolled some of the basic set up for episode one. Eh...maybe that suggestion is too steeped in us culture. 

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 3 

 I keep asking myself, why? Why was this made? What is it's purpose? I like the new important to the story arch girl, Asada. She is cute and wears glasses. It's strange she has a trauma against guns but carries guns in the game. I don't really get that. However, her story is a lot like Kirito's little sister's in the last one. Cute girl, weak guy that likes her, has a problem she needs to overcome. So why is Kirito going through all of this when he is happy and content? He and Asuna have a loving relationship inside and outside of why? Just to save people he doesn't know? For money? Is he supposed to be a video game superhero now? 

Okay so Asada explained that the gun game is a sort of gun therapy for her. Why not see a real psychologist? Why does everyone expect her to handle her problems on her own and live with her PTSD? If they have enough to send her to private school they should have enough to send her to therapy. No way, does playing a video game help you overcome that kind of trauma?

Kuroshitsuji 2 Book of Circus Episode 3 

If this has to do with making fun of Ciel, I am totally okay with that! I love it when Sebastian gets to laugh and smile. I am still mad at the ending, so any fun we can have at Ciel's expense is fine by me.Hahaha, Ciel's nickname is smile. It really was enduringly cute. Yay! First they brought back the Indian prince for five minutes and now, William! My William! Will he be more of a main, I really hope so! I just love him! I am super excited!